C- Core Banding

A  “C” core is a piece of magnetic material with a high permeability used  to confine and guide magnetic fields in transformers, electric motors,  generators, and other magnetic devices.  Specialty Nameplate processes for stock and supply of specialty hardware, metal  strapping and clips for use in the assembly and banding of “C” cores.   Materials include tin-coated steel, brass, phosphorous-bronze, and  stainless steel.  Certain applications may require a non-magnetic strap,  such as stainless steel or phosphorous-bronze.  Pneumatic tension  tools are also in stock and available for immediate shipment.  Drawings  are available upon request, for all of our “C” core hardware. 

Please Note: The  customer is responsible for determining the suitability of materials  used and assumes all risks resulting from the use of Specialty Nameplate C-Core banding products.  The customer must confirm  adaptability thereof by their own test needs.  All support documents  substantiating origin, materials, and processes are maintained on file,  and available upon request.  All products are of domestic origin and  acceptable under the guidelines set forth in ROHS, REACH, and WEEE.  All  C-Core products are Conflict Minerals Compliant.


tin coat - cold rolled strap

phos-bronze strap

stainless steel strap

brass strap

seals (clips) - tin coat

tensioning - banding tool


Pneumatic banding tool available for purchase